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The SVN Difference


A Culture of Brokerage.



Culture drives our thoughts and our behaviors. It is the basis of our decisions, our ethics and our legacy. When you make the decision to associate your name, your license and your reputation to a brokerage firm, it’s important to know how their culture will impact your business and ultimately, how it will impact you. A culture can embrace you or alienate you. It can reflect on your integrity or detract from it. It can mean the difference between elevating your career or ending it. When searching for a brokerage firm, it’s normal to look for the obvious features–fee splits, tools for success, training and support. All of these items are crucial to building a career — but their specific makeup and execution are a reflection of a culture. What a brokerage firm values, it lives. We provide competitive fee splits and unmatched tools and training. But even more important, you can enjoy these benefits within a culture like no other. A culture of viewing the broker as our client. A culture of helping our brokers build wealth in an environment that fosters cooperation and camaraderie. A culture of abundance, believing that there is enough business, success and wealth for us all.



If you’re looking for just a brokerage firm, you have many choices. But if you’re looking for an environment that resonates with your ethics, your lifestyle and your integrity, look at SVN - Rich Investment Real Estate Partners. It won’t take long for you to see that our culture is decidedly different from any other in the industry. It is an organization based not on what brokerage is, but what brokerage was meant to be. ​


Our Philosophy.



The most successful commercial real estate brokers don’t settle for the status quo. They want more out of life and more out of their careers. They want to be their own boss and control their own destiny. They are on a continuous search for new and improved ways to achieve higher goals. If this sounds like you, then consider a partnership with the brokerage firm that was built around those same principles. At SVN, we have never believed in the traditional model of selling commercial real estate. We are pioneers in achieving better results for our brokers and the clients they represent. And better results come from better business models. Our model has always been one of ensuring top value for investors by bringing the entire brokerage community into the sales process. By proactively promoting our listings and sharing our fees with outside firms, our brokers and their clients receive significantly better returns. Enlisting the entire brokerage community to help sell a property is simply the right thing to do.



Cooperation is a term commonly used, but rarely practiced in the field of commercial real estate. What does cooperation truly mean? It means proactively promoting listings to all brokers and sharing your fees 50/50. This brings the best, most qualified investors to the table. We believe the only way to get true market value on a property is to ensure that the entire marketplace of investors is able to bring their best offer to the table. Brokers who don’t believe in cooperation may not want to work with SVN. Brokers who do, can’t imagine working anywhere else.​​


The SVN Difference.​​​



​A business does not exist without sales. Everything you do must lead to a close. Everything we do is designed to get you there. The most important thing you can do during a sales presentation is to communicate a relevant point of differentiation — an element of your offering that sets you apart from the competition. Why should a client work with you? What do you have to offer that no one else does? Why should that client pay your fee when they can get a lower fee elsewhere? After all, don’t all brokers do the same thing? They don’t. But it’s your job to educate your clients that all brokers are not alike. It’s our job to show you how. We can provide you with a point of differentiation that has made our company and our brokers thrive.​



Many brokerage firms see their clients as investors of commercial real estate. At SVN, we know that our primary client is you — the broker. We know that if we take care of you, you will take care of the investor. If we give you the right tools, training and support, your clients will flourish. It’s a simple philosophy that many brokerage firms don’t embrace — but it’s the way we’ve chosen to operate SVN since its inception.​



  • Proprietary Marketing Tools & Platform

  • Personal & Property Marketing Tools

  • Weekly National Sales Calls

  • Sales Presentation Tools and Techniques

  • Accelerated Marketing Division - Property Auctions | Sealed Bid Auctions

  • Structured Asset Sales

  • Advertising - Print | Digital | Trade

  • Email Blast Marketing

  • Program Technology Tools: BuildOut

  • Extensive Digital Document Library

  • Ongoing Training - On Demand | Live | Workshops

  • Networking and Training Events - National Product Teams

  • Broker & Investor Forums

  • National Trade Shows

  • Comprehensive Orientation Training

  • Broker Checklists for Success

  • Postcard Campaigns

  • Research & Analytical Tools





When it comes to helping brokers grow their business and their wealth, SVN continues to establish best practices and lead through example. Our systems can benefit any broker from any background:​ There was a time when commercial real estate was a local business. Today, the best investor for your property can be from another town or another country. We can help you expand the boundaries of your business without leaving home. Investors nationwide will have access to your information; likewise, you will have access to investors nationwide. These symbiotic relationships enable SVN brokers to connect on deals that span geographic regions. Think of us as your ticket to broadening your business horizons. What was once a local marketplace has now become a national opportunity to attract new buyers and sellers.



We help brokers to be successful now and in the future. We do this with: A competitive long-term platform to build wealth by investing. We not only allow but encourage our senior brokers to purchase their own deals – and we do not partake in the commission. This enables our brokers to gain the maximum financial benefit from these transactions.​


National Connectivity for More Business Opportunities.​​


As a broker, you know that you are as valuable as the connections and relationships you’ve developed over time. We can instantly expand your connections through our team of brokers nationwide. Conduct business across town or across the country by building on the power of the SVN national network. In some national brokerage firms, an office in one location may not be aware of listings from an office in another. All of our offices are connected in a way that all brokers around the country have access to every deal and can conduct business in any area. Our Monday morning national sales calls enable brokers to immediately share their new listings with each other and conduct business nationwide.


​​National Product Teams.​​


We are market leaders and recognized experts in retail, office, industrial, self storage, land, multifamily as well as leasing and auctions. Ongoing communication and regularly scheduled product team calls keep brokers engaged in sharing critical information within their respective areas of specialization.​​


Our Values.​



Our company is built on our values of responsibility, fairness, collaboration and agility. We keep our word. We treat our clients, co-workers and our competitors fairly. And we take our commitments seriously. Each one of our brokers is committed to upholding the SVN Covenants by taking this pledge:



To create and nurture a positive working environment and perform as a team member with accountability, responsibility and authority, I agree to lead and live by the following Core Covenants in everything I do with SVN:


  • ​I place my clients’ interest above my own and proactively cooperate with all Brokers and Agents.

  • I show respect and support to all.

  • I consistently provide superior quality and services to my clients.

  • I value the importance of family, mental, spiritual and physical health, and involvement with my community in the support of a balanced and successful career.

  • I quickly resolve conflicts positively and effectively.

  • I am individually responsible for achieving my own potential.

  • I honor my commitments.

  • I dominate my Market Area and promote my specialty within the firm.

  • My thoughts, actions and energies are focused on the positive and the possible.

  • I create amazing benefits for my clients, colleagues and community.


​​Our Social Responsibility.​



Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than career and personal success? We have too. We’re thankful for the opportunities we’ve had, and we want to share our success by giving back to others. The SVN Legacy Foundation infuses for-profit principles of wealth building into the non-profit world.​In 2005, SVN launched the Legacy Foundation, a philanthropy that applies investment principles to non-profit organizations to help transform them from dependency to self-sufficiency. To accomplish this, the SVN Ness Legacy Foundation makes loans to non-profit organizations for their social enterprises – earned-income businesses undertaken by non-profits to generate revenue in support of its social mission.​Every year, thousands of non-profit programs are shut down due to lack of funding. Many organizations, while helping people to become self-sufficient, do not have the same goal for their own organization. Instead, they are continually dependent on donations to survive. Traditional giving fails to leverage much needed capital and perpetuates ongoing dependency. The SVN Legacy Foundation is dedicated to helping such organizations become self-sufficient by providing their social enterprises with access to capital and credit. This will enable the non-profit organizations to not only survive, but to thrive without dependency on government grants or private donations.​What will your legacy be? Helping a child to leave a troubled background and get a college degree? Helping a struggling mother to become economically independent enough to buy a home to raise her children? Give a new business a chance? The support of the Legacy Foundation by our brokers lets the dreams continue for generations to come. ​


SVN Life.



All work and no play is not a life we’d wish on anyone. We encourage our brokers and staff to look at the bigger picture. A brokerage career is challenging and rewarding, but can be all-consuming without the right perspective. We encourage our brokers to take time to find balance and opportunity in other areas of life. Spending time with family. Volunteering in community activities. Travelling. Learning. We know that balanced people are happier and more productive. And when you have a balanced life, you will have more to give – to your family, your friends and your clients.



Because of the many facets of the SVN environment, we refer to our brokers as “Advisors”. They have the expertise, the tools and the talent to go far beyond facilitating transactions. This mindset empowers them to grow in an environment without limits and to provide their clients with the full continuum of commercial real estate services.​


Become a SVN Advisor. We’ve built our business around building yours. If you’re interested in joining a culture of success, balance and longevity, call us today to be considered for a position with SVN - Rich Investment real Estate Partners at 310.500.1239 or email us your contact info at

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